Smart Compliance Reporting Begins Here


Exceling in RegTech for intelligent financial reporting

DeepFintech understands that working smart is the key to modern business success. Therefore we provide a range of one-stop RegTech (regulatory technology) solutions for businesses to fulfil regulatory obligations in the easiest way. From audit report generation and document collaboration to AI translation, which are powered by our industry-leading deep learning AI technology, our handy tools are designed to serve the unique needs of different professional clients in various areas of the financial sector with the best time and cost effectiveness.

Experience and research-driven

The spirit of academic research is in our blood. Combined with industry experience, synergy pushes DeepFintech to provide cutting-edge RegTech solutions, which are developed by our team of AI deep learning specialists led by industry leading experts Prof. Francis Chin and Dr. Bethany Chan and backed by a team of financial industry veterans and linguists under the leadership of CEO Colin Hong.