Our document collaboration solution streamlines the traditional production line of financial printing into a simple, efficient, digital and automated one-stop workflow.

All-in-one Project Management

Our WorDFlow web-platform forms the backbone of a project for users to digitally collaborate content, easily track the progress and handily trace any previous versions.

Multi-round AI Translation

Our MS Word translation add-in, powered by our DeepTranslate engine, enables future multi-round amendments to recall and follow previous translation. The end-product is as good as the old way, but more time-saving.

No More Waiting

With our MS Word add-in, all your changes will be updated in real-time as you type and upload to server.

Go Paperless

With WorDFlow, everything becomes purely digital. From now on, you can forget about printing and scanning.

Teamwork Optimisation

WorDFlow automatically splits reports into different sections for different parties to work on. Teamwork is taken to another level now.

Free from Email Attachments

Different versions and revision updates are stored on our collaborative WorDFlow platform for authorised parties to access anytime. Email attachments become history.